Finding the 4 Leaf Clover with Nan And Ruby

Finding the 4 Leaf Clover | To support young transgender people and make them feel visible

Project Team:

Eden , Pali , Sarah , Oona , Sofia


New Idea

Social Purpose

Reduced Inequality

What is the problem you found?

How might we support gender diverse young people in being accepted in mainstream society?

Customer / Problem

  • Adults and young people who lack awareness about the complexities of being transgender or gender diversity. Some of these individuals may hold prejudices or perhaps they have never met a transgender person before. 
  • Young people questioning their gender identity who may feel alone and isolated or unsure of where to turn for help.


What Is Your Solution?

A book about a young child's journey to finding themselves and coming out as transgender with the help of their nan.

The story will enlighten adults and young people to help them understand transgender identities, while sending messages of support and connection for transgender youth. The main takeaways of the story are:

  • It's okay to express yourself and be who you are
  • Exploring your gender identity is healthy!
  • We should always support transgender people

What would you get out of the story line?

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AEG Woodleigh School 2021