Fish Finder | Raising awareness of the problems of overfishing

Project Team:

Milly D , Eadie F , Sadie M , Flynn B


New Idea

Social Purpose

Life Below Water

What is the problem you found?

How might we share information using an app to spread awareness of endangered species of fish so that we can prevent overfishing and extinction of specific species. The purpose of using the fish finder app is to educate our community about the impacts of overfishing and detrimental effects it has on our marine life.

Customer / Problem

Our target audience are inexperienced fishers, learning the laws of fishing and are trying to find a specific species, experienced fishers trying to show their skills and trying to help our environment, whilst still having fun and the fisheries to recommend our product to society. We have decided to solve the dwelling problem of overfishing. Overfishers are responsible for the death of billions of fish and continue to bycatch to this day.

What Is Your Solution?

We are striving to stop the detrimental problem of bycatching and to stop people fishing with nets. The result of this social enterprise is to educate inexperienced fishers of the laws of fishing and to help those experienced fishers to find good areas to go fish, whilst also protecting the future of our environment. We will use ‘Fish Finder’ (our app) to show an image, population and endangerment of the specific fish. There is also a reverse image search so if you find a fish that you are unsure of, you can find it’s statistics and you must add licence registration to use the app. 


Support Required


We will need advice on how to create an app as no one in our group has that skill. Help will be greatly appreciated.

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AEG Wollongong Aug 2020