FiveOwls | Protecting animals from abuse

Project Team:

Katie , Chillara , Eloise , Nat , Madison


New Idea


Lismore High School

Social Purpose

Life On Land

What is the problem you found?

How might we identify signs of animal abuse and spread awareness of mistreated animals?


Customer / Problem

Our customers are people aged between 14 to 30 years of age who are animal lovers or first time pet owners. They are looking for ways to identify abusive signs in other peoples animals and find ways to take better care of these abused animals. 

Some customers are experiencing problems not knowing how to care for their own animals properly and they also want to know how to care for other people animals correctly. 

What Is Your Solution?

FiveOwls have created an app to help solve the problem of animal abuse. The app will include information and resources on how to identify signs of abuse in animals or abusive behaviour in the animals owner and provide people with information to show them how to care for their own animals.

Support Required


Within our app we would like connections with other organisations. We would also need help to make links with other organisations to advertise their products. 


We need advice on how to make, improve and design the app we wish to make. We will also need advice support on how to advertise and promote our App. 


To make this app we will need support from other animal welfare organisations like the RSPCA.


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