Flood Bay | Protecting the community from floodwater

Project Team:

Kobi , Seth , Hudson , Jordan , Oliver


New Idea


Lismore South Public School

Social Purpose

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

What is the problem you found?

How might we reduce the impact of flooding in the Lismore area?


Customer / Problem

Our customers are people living in the Lismore area that are constantly worried for their property and possession when it rains. They have had their homes damaged from floods in the past and do not want to go through a similar situation again. 

What Is Your Solution?

Flood Bay is the ebay of flood supplies. A marketplace where you can but all the supplies you need to minimise the impacts of flooding on your family and property.

The profits made through sales on Flood Bay will then go to funding the creation of flood gates and canals in the rivers and creeks which overflow during high rain conditions in your area.

Flood Bay will install flood gates in areas leading into lakes and canals to regulate the water levels and slow down flooding giving residents time to better prepare. 





Support Required


Money is required to develop flood gates and to develop additional canals within the existing river network. 

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