Fluid AR

Using digital writing technology to be creative, save time and support online learning!

Student Project

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New Idea

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Milly R, Aaliyah F, Sarah R, Olivia J

Problem Statement

Students find it difficult to engage in online learning at the moment in a way that's fluid and creative, and replicates the experience of learning face-to-face with a pen in hand. Students find it hard to read things uploaded on Stile for example (an online education platform). It is important to be able to digitally collaborate in real-time, like you are face to face with the people you are working with. Our question is, how might we help students digitally collaborate more fluidly and creatively?

Customer / Problem

With the move to online learning, it is difficult to write or draw and then transfer that onto the computer in a way that feels 'real'. Students find that by having a way to draw or create more fluidly, they feel more engaged with their school work. It also saves them time to be able to write and draw quickly in an online setting.


Fluid AR is a device that attaches to the back of a writing tool such as a pen, pencil or marker.  With the use of an accelerometer, we will use a sensor to track hand movements. 

This device will attach to the back of the writing tool. 

Due to its lightweight, sleek design, our device will be barely noticeable and will not affect the overall mobility of the pen.

Fluid AR prototype

Support Required


We would welcome advice on how we can help our product stand out against competitors. For example, how might this be a better alternative to typing and how might we get potential users excited to use it?

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