Flying High | Helping students manage stress

Project Team:

Damon , Lily , Caitlin


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

Mental illness is a significant issue that needs to be addressed in a school environment. We asked the question, how might we provide support to all students regarding mental health, through all the stages of their schooling?

Customer / Problem

Students wellbeing is often overlooked in a stressful and fast-paced environment. As a student, I want to know I have support during stressful, anxious and emotional times but I don't want it to be a public event for everyone to witness.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solutions is an app, developed for the busy classroom, to support modern day students and teachers who struggle to find time to moderate mental health in class. 

The goal of the app is to cater to students who wish to notify their teachers in class anonymously about their mental health. If they need to leave the classroom they're able to do this without announcing to the class their problem. 

Through the app students can choose to leave the room and a notification is sent to the school's designated safe space contact person for student mental health support.

The app will also utilise the 5 face system that exists at Shailer Park State High School that shows the teacher students face rating before each class using the 1-5 guide to show how they feel. 

Finally, the app will allow students to able to login in with their student accounts to protect their privacy.

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