Food For Everyone

Food For Everyone | Helping reduce food waste across Australia

Project Team:

Mao , Reina , Ben , Lily , Elyse


New Idea

Social Purpose

Zero Hunger

What is the problem you found?

How Might We

Reduce Food Waste

How Might We

Get People To Know How To Use The Food

How Might We

Make People To Know About Composting

How Might We

Get People To Not Buy Too Much Food

Customer / Problem

Megan is an example of our target customer:

Megan is the mother of five children. Her family eats a lot so she always has to bulk buy to save money.  There is always some leftover food and she feels guilty that she has to throw it away. 

What Is Your Solution?

Our app has a range of features that all aim to reduce levels of food waste. Some of the apps features include: 

  • Tailored recipes based on the ingredients that a user has 
  • Grocery lists based on recipes that the user is interested in 
  • A food sharing service where users can indicate what excess food they have and users/restaraunts who are looking for food or ingredients can collect



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