Food For Friendship | Increasing the quality of life for people experiencing homelessness.

Project Team:

Zoë , Zoe , Lexie , Tsomo , Phoebe, and Mackenzie


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we give homeless people healthy food, a safe space, a way to make friends and communicate?

Customer / Problem

People experiencing homelessness face many difficulties due to the nature of unstable living. Basic needs such as accessing a decent meal, feeling safe and socially supported are severely challenged.

A person helping a homeless person

What Is Your Solution?

Free cooking classes for people experiencing homelessness can offer a forum for individuals to learn new skills, meet people, access security and have a good meal.

This will have immense physical benefits and mental health benefits for the participants of the class.

This will be funded through selling food products and baked goods. 

Step 1 sell baked goods

Step 2 cooking class

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