Food Recycling Robot | Reducing the environmental impact of unwanted food.

Project Team:

Marta Fraser , Chloe Kim


New Idea

Social Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

What is the problem you found?

How might we reduce food waste?


Customer / Problem

Our customers are food courts, schools and farms.

Food courts and schools contribute the most to food waste as there are lots of people who eat their food and throw left-over food away. The processes used to dispose of left-over food in food courts could be better. So it is important to figure out the way to get rid of waste foods in an eco-friendly way.

Farms doesn’t have enough soils to grow all of their plants and fruits etc. If there are lots of waste foods, but not enough brand new foods, we won’t be able to get fresh foods. 

What Is Your Solution?

How the Robby works!The robot will help the food courts and schools to reduce the waste foods. First, you have to attach a box that is placed next to the robot. Then you put the waste foods in the bin which is attached to the robot, it will put the contents of the bin in its mouth and scan those foods if they are able to be  recycled or not. If the waste food is able to recycled, the robot will starts to recycle as its antenna shines. When it is recycle the foods inside the body, the robot will split foods really tiny and will mix them with the dirt that is inside of the robot’s body already. If the process are done, the robot will put it in inside of a box. Then you can easily get the box that is attached to the robot, and it as soil of any farm etc.

If the food courts and schools collaborate with farms, food courts and schools will send the soil to the farm and the farm will use their soil for their farming. When the farmers have to harvest their crops, they will send some of them to the food courts and schools. 


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