The Fuel Free Car

Reducing the use of fuel when driving

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Support Required:

Project Team:

Seraphina Tannous, Kiki Tikkeros, Ella Koziol, Isla Brown

Problem Statement

How might we help people reduce the amount of pollution that is produced when driving their cars that is harming our environment?

We saw a need to provide society with an option to help them reduce their impact on the environment when they driving cars.



Customer / Problem

Our customers are those people who are conscious about making an effort to reduce their environmental footprint when driving. 


Our solution is that we will create a car that runs on electricity from melted recycled plastic. 

We will recycle plastic that is collected from return and earn bins.

We did research and found out that burning plastic can actually cause pollution in the atmosphere so we will outsource to a company who already burn plastic in an environmentally safe way. 

From our research, the companies do this by shredding the plastic into smaller bits so that it can be melted at a lower temperature. Therefore producing less harmful gasses.





Support Required


We need advice from people who are experts in melting plastic in an ecologically safe way, people who are experts in pitching to companies and people who can negotiate with Tesla. 


We require support from:

- Job recruitment companies 

- The government department who run the return and earn 

- TESLA car designers 


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AEG Wollongong Aug 2020



New South Wales


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