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We want to see more teenage girls enthusiastic about sport.

Student Project

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New Idea

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Penny, Ellie, Mia, Isobel


St Peter's Girls High School

Problem Statement

How might we encourage teenage girls to become more involved and enthusiastic about playing sport, to help them develop confidence for the future?

Customer / Problem

Our customer is a 13-17-year-old girl who is experiencing a lack of motivation and confidence to play sport. They don't want to join in sports at school because they find it scary (intimidating) or too competitive, so they prefer to not take part at all. 


Create a website that brings teenage girls together, that makes them feel more comfortable and happy to play sport, which will help improve their physical and mental well being.

The website will Increase education about the benefits of sports and provide access and information to different sports to encourage teenage girls curious about trying out new sports and make it less scary (intimidating) to take part.


Support Required


It would be great to get the older girls at school to mentor the younger girls about the benefits of sport and how they grew to love it. 

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