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Go Glow Nets | Our purpose is to prevent ocean species dying from mass fishing.

Project Team:

Ava , Bella , Mackenzie , Brooke , Millie


New Idea

Social Purpose

Life Below Water

What is the problem you found?

How might we make commercial fishing sustainable and eco-friendly?

Customer / Problem

Our customer is all companies and organisations that currently mass fish. These companies face the issue of creating pollution, over killing species of fish, fishing in illegal zones and more. 

What Is Your Solution?


Our solution to the issues mentioned above is our Go Glow Nets. These nets consist of 4 major parts. 


1. They glow in the dark

2. They are biodegradable

3. They float to the surface after a period of time or once it reaches a set weight

4. They have a small camera so the fishermen can see what they have caught


With all these features it makes it easier for the nets to be recovered and re-used.

Support Required



We would like Apple to help us to be able to make these nets glow in the dark and to create devices that we could attach to the nets (Weights and Timers).

We would like Tesla to provide us with eco-friendly, electrical boats.

We would like Gopro to provide us with the cameras. 

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