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Educating youth on the impact of drugs and alcohol

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Aysha, Nikisha, Presley, Etena

Problem Statement

Our problem is that there is a lack of understanding on the dangers of drugs and alcohol and how to deal with peer pressure when entering high school.

We asked how might help students understand the dangers or drugs and alcohol and reach out to those who are experiencing or are immersed in a violent environment?

Customer / Problem

We found that students have a lack of knowledge about drugs and alcohol. Most students surveyed have never been taught about the issues, but believe it is a serious problem.

All students were shocked and worried that people in their grade are doing drugs, and felt like they could benefit from knowing more information about the effects of drugs and alcohol.

We also found that teachers were concerned about their students being heavily influenced by drugs and alcohol and that they would feel better if the students had more knowledge about this issue.


Our idea is a program for year 6 students to educate them on drugs and alcohol within the community, particularly before entering high school. The program is engaging for students as it has something for every student including physical activity, scientific experiments and videos.

This will allow students to be aware and better prepared to promote the overall safety and interconnectedness within the community.

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