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Creating a safe space to support mental health in our community

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Grace Ikin , Yasmin Pijov

Problem Statement

How might we create a place that can connect and support young people in Western Sydney?

Customer / Problem

Mental illness is a big problem in younger generations. We have found that there aren't enough support systems in place in our community to aid people struggling with mental illness in their recovery and wellbeing. People need an escape from the troubles of everyday life to let go of their burdens and relax in a positive environment.


Our solution is to create a community centre in the form of a cafe that would give (in particular) young people a safe space to access when they are going through hardship. The cafe would simply exist as an escape, with distractions and alternative forms of therapy such as quiet rooms and reading/activity areas available. By fostering a place that young people could come to in times of distress, we also aim to connect like minded people through shared lived experience in order to strengthen our community in the face of adversity. 

three young women in a cafe

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Chifley College Dunheved Campus



New South Wales


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