H2o Recycler

Recovering and repurposing used water.

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Cedar Morgan, Lauren Baker, Tegan Sammut , Daphne Cotter, Natalie Georgopoulos , Rebecka Kearney

Problem Statement

How might we recycle used water for other purposes?

Customer / Problem

Drought affected farmers are often looking for creative ways to use water for multiple purposes. For example, most families use showers a lot, and there's always the opportunity to reclaim the used water for other uses such as watering a garden or washing a car. There isn't a reliable way of recycling water for multiple uses because it is hard to reclaim used water.


Our solution is an H2o Recycler. It's a device with a unique suction ability to recover used water and filter it to be used for other purposes such as watering gardens, watering plants, washing up and many more. 

Fitted with an extendable handle, the device comes with a custom tablet which shows how much water is sucked up in the device.



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How can we improve this idea?

What other products are on the market that already solve this problem?

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AEG Orange High School October 2020


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