Harmony Club Starter | Bringing young people together in safe and healthy hubs.

Project Team:

Chelsea Taylor , Molly Stephens , Georgina Freund , Brooke Spies , Retrovailles Banza


New Idea

Social Purpose

Life On Land

What is the problem you found?

How might we improve the wellbeing of teens in the Lismore community?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are teens in the Lismore community. Because of the lack of healthy and accessible social and physical activities in the community, many teens are bored, closed off and/or don't feel safe.  Travelling around is hard because of the lack of public transport and many young teens feel uncomfortable walking alone in the streets. However, many teens in Lismore and surrounding suburbs also want to find new hobbies & friends and new social connections.

What Is Your Solution?

Harmony Club Starter is a community-specific social media and activities club platform which allows young people to find, connect and form healthy clubs with their peers based on interests. The app has parental access and functionalities that allow parents to monitor their kids and ensure their safety while allowing them space to explore interests with friends within the local area.

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AEG Rivers Secondary College Lismore