'hay, that's good chicken'

HayFC | Supporting the Hay community by providing local employment opportunities.

Project Team:

Kenneth Hargreaves , Finn Cullenward , Oliver Gaston , Bradley Callaghan , Luke Nevinson


New Idea

Social Purpose

Decent Work & Economic Growth

What is the problem you found?

How might we support the local community through employment?

Customer / Problem

The Hay community could benefit from more local employment opportunities, but the council doesn't want a big fast food chain taking local profits.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is to set up a local fried chicken store in the centre of Hay, "HayFC'. With HayFC, we could provide fairly-priced, locally sourced chicken to local customers and set off a ripple effect of a positive impact on multiple sectors of our community. Here are some examples of the wide ranging positive impact our social enterprise could have on Hay:

  • Locals can buy food from the store and the money made in profits will return to the community through the council and local events 
  • Tourists and truck drivers can enjoy a low price, quality meal sourced from our community 
  • We would source our chicken from local farmers and set up initiatives within our business to they are fairly repaid for their vital contribution to our business 

a number of samples of merchandise for the business

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