Heads-up | Empowering teaching from the bottom up on student mental health.

Project Team:

Zoe , Scarlett , Ella , Sharla , Trixy


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we educate teachers on students' mental health?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are high school teachers. Due to the pressure on teachers and their workload, they are often unable to see/understand the mental health of their students. Teachers need to focus on the curriculum and meeting set outcomes by education authorities. This means that sometimes not much time is invested in understanding the mental health of students. 

What Is Your Solution?

Heads-up is a student-led mental health program that helps teachers to understand the temperature of students' mental health status from the perspective of the student and other students.

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Mullumbimby High School