Hello Fashion | Making it easier to find clothes in your size and style!

Project Team:

Jassy , Macy , Erin , Nina , Mia


New Idea

Social Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

What is the problem you found?

How might we help people find clothes that suit both their style and size?

Customer / Problem

Tweens and teenagers have lots of trouble finding clothes that fit them, and that are in a style they like. They also have a lot of clothes that they don't really like or clothes that don't fit them anymore, so we are aiming to fix BOTH of those problems.

What Is Your Solution?

We've come up with a product that will fix both these problems. It's called the 'Fashion Printer 2000!'. It is a printer that allows you to create clothes in your personal size and style. You will use your device to design and colour clothes to your personal liking, then you will connect it to the printer and in 1 minute, you have your own personalised item of clothing!

Support Required


We need funding support so we can buy all the parts we need to make our printer that will eventually make your clothes! 


We need people to help us design the technology aspect of our printer. We are also looking for people with fashion design knowledge to share their expert knowledge as well!

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