Hello Fredd | Our idea should be considered because the earth is in a crisis.

Project Team:

Aliesha , Jasmine , Trinity , Shelby


New Idea

Social Purpose

Climate Action

What is the problem you found?

How might we prevent further deforestation in the Logan area?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are the people of Logan, their land that they live on is being affected by deforestation, which is taking away the homes of many species of wildlife.

What Is Your Solution?

Hello Fredd, has come up with an easy and fun solution, people love festivals, we love festivals, according to our survey which recorded that 65% of the people like them.

So we have come up with the solution where we base our festival around planting trees named after the customer.

26 of our 35 surveyed people said they would like to own a tree.

After they have bought and planted their tree they can then move into the festival filled with fun foods, eco friendly markets and music.

We surveyed people to find out how much they would spend out of their wallet to attend the festival, and 60% said they would spend $5 or more, one person even said they would spend $100.

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Park Ridge State High School - Climate Action Design Challenge