Hope for Homeless | Providing hope for people living without a home

Project Team:

Chanelle , Mia , Ayla , Lola , Isabella


New Idea


Miami State High School

Social Purpose

No Poverty

What is the problem you found?

How might we provide hope for people living without a home?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are people living without a home. A lot of homeless people remain without a home due to the inability to find a job. These people often do not have the qualifications in order to obtain stable jobs and as a result end up homeless. 

What Is Your Solution?

'Hope for Homeless' is a free program and living space for homeless people looking to rebuild their lives and souls. We provide compulsory courses that entail valuable life skills that will help obtain employment as well as shelter and basic facilities for as long as is required.  

There will be courses that help with sobriety, finance, basic cooking skills and resume writing and interview skills to help people eventually find a job.

The courses will also include inspirational guest speakers from places like youth centres and addiction management centres. 


Our Vision: Our customers will leave with knowledge of critical life skills to help rebuild their lives without solely relying on others

Our Values: Connect with community, making friends - we are inclusive and Respect the environment, people and self

Our Mission:  Giving everyone a level playing field in life




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