How To Educate VCE Students About VCAL | Giving VCE students the opportunity to trial VCAL.

Project Team:

Benicio Caiafa , Peter Dib , Kane Balarke , Vincent Youngeys


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we educate VCE students about VCAL?

Customer / Problem

School students may not understand the benefits of VCAL, and thus make uninformed decisions to pursue VCE. 

There is a disparity of education and resources to promote VCAL and VCE, leading to stigma and misunderstanding around VCAL. VCAL is important to produce STEM focussed graduates with practical skills. A lack of information around VCAL not only leads to a shortage of VCAL students, it contributes to a shortage of tradies and skilled STEM workers in society. 

What Is Your Solution?

A trial day where VCE students can try out VCAL to see if they like it. 

This day could include practical immersion workshops, discussions from teachers and industry representatives, and Q and A sessions for students.

Support Required


Advise from current teachers. Maybe some advice from some fellow VCAL students. How to engage the VCE students to attend the VCAL trial.

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