Imagine Arts | We want a platform that supports local artists in all areas of the arts to be able to support themselves while doing something that they love.

Project Team:

Jade Breen , Jaime Hutchinson , Geraldine Motha


New Idea

Social Purpose

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

What is the problem you found?

How might we gain more support for Canberra Arts?Promotion photos

Customer / Problem

Our niche market is aimed at Artists and their individual patrons. 

For artists struggling to earn an income or gain interest in their work, we wish to provide a platform to support them.

The platform is also set up for the general public, some of whom may wish to support local artists but struggle to find them. 

The platform will also be available for all artistic companies (theatre, dance, music, circus, and art.

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What Is Your Solution?

An app that is available on all devices, is high tech, and easy to use. It will connect people to artists and art programs in their local area so that they can be more supportive and get more involved. Promotion Picture

Support Required


Initial Funding Support to get NVP. 

We will require initial funding of thirty to fifty thousand dollars to fund our app set up and potentially additional funding for advertising and growing out reach on social media platforms.

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