IMHA(Indigenous mental health awareness)

Helping Indigenous Australian's facing mental health issues within their communities.

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Ebencia Bennet, Emma King, Dakotah Pettit-Holmes

Problem Statement

How might we lower the stigma of mental health in Aboriginal communities.


Customer / Problem

Indigenous communities facing high suicide rates. People within these have to deal with the stigma attached to being an indigenous person with a mental health problem. The communities have limited access to mental health services. Sometimes people also lack the skills and training to identify signs of mental health difficulty in others. Having basic skills to support others would mean fewer people have to rely on the already limited mental health service that's available.



IMHA is a training service designed to increase mental health awareness in indigenous communities. The training service will train Indigenous Australians to recognise mental health issues and how to respond to them; it will also teach them how to respond when there is a death due to mental health or suicide in the community. This service will also include educating Indigenous children in schools about mental health. By normalising conversations about mental health, the stigma attached will be broken so that people can openly seek and give support from the community and from experts.


Support Required





Kindly direct us to any government funding that we can apply to support the workers who help us.








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Academy for Enterprising Girls - Marrara Christian College



Northern Territory


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