Infinity | Increasing sustainable and ethical production of clothes in the fashion industry.

Project Team:

Georgia , Megan , Anna , Erin


New Idea

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?

How might we ensure responsible consumption and therefore the production of textile products? 

Customer / Problem

Our users are everyday consumers of fashion but our customers include the manufacturers of textile products. A lot of customers are not aware of which clothing brands are sustainable and ethical. It would be great if the everyday shopper had a way of assessing which brands are sustainable in order to make choices that reflect their values.

What Is Your Solution?

Infinity is a brand rating system on ethical manufacturing of textile products. Infinity employs social media as a powerful drive to establish its brand as the trusted way to assess the sustainability of textile products across Australia. We work with manufacturing companies and independently evaluate their production process, from sourcing raw materials through transportation and personnel, to the final product. We give incentives to these companies to be listed on our prestigious rating system to attract the best customers for them. As consumers choose the infinity approved brands, more and more companies are encouraged to comply with the demand for ethical and sustainable products. 

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