Interlink | Building cross-cultural awareness in our school.

Project Team:

Kailannah Leigh , Lindsay Bangay , Channel Ada , Taylor Skinner , Ellie Dee Etherington


New Idea

Social Purpose

Peace & Justice Strong Institutions

What is the problem you found?

How might we promote inclusiveness in our school?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are the students and staff at our school. Because there is a lack of cultural appreciation at our school, many students feel misunderstood and isolated. The school will benefit from some means of projecting and celebrating different cultures of the students and staff.

What Is Your Solution?

Interlink is a program that is designed to help our students to show and celebrate their culture as well as that of other students'. The program is run by students so that they feel in control of telling their stories and building confidence in their cultures and in themselves. Each culture in the school will have a day dedicated to them to showcase something unique about their culture in the form of art, language, fashion, etc. The entire school will be encouraged to participate.

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