JLTD Recycling | Encouraging the Hay community to think sustainably and engage in recycling to better the environment.

Project Team:

Jopseph Wilson , Lily Masters , Thomas North , Shaylea Spencer


New Idea

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?

How might we get the community involved in order to start recycling in Hay again? 

Customer / Problem

While Hay does currently provide a recycling service (in the form of community recycling bins), many people are too lazy to take their recycling rubbish there and are burning it instead. As a result, not only the rubbish - but the bins as well - are going to waste.

What Is Your Solution?

We aim to provide a free, door-to-door service that would collect the recycling from the homes of local families and other members of our community and dispose of it appropriately at dedicated recycling plants. Due to highly accessible and convenient nature of this service, we believe that it would genuinely encourage families to recycle their rubbish and have a positive impact on the environment as a result. Our ultimate aim would be to double the rate of recycling in Hay and motivate the wider community to engage with everyday sustainable practices.

a man taking his rubbish to a row of green recycling bins

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