Keep In Tact | Keeping connected with friends and loved ones during COVID-19.

Project Team:

Tanika , Jaeda , Gracie , Shiza , Leticia and Penny


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

People are finding it hard to stay in contact. Especially younger children as they aren’t allowed the apps that older kids would be allowed. They also may not be enjoying isolation as they aren’t able to have contact with their friends. The question we have is, how might we better connect with others during quarantine?


Customer / Problem

When in isolation it is difficult to stay connected to friends and family, especially when you are too young to use normal social media apps. Quarantine is becoming boring and affecting people mentally.

What Is Your Solution?

Keep In Tact (K.I.T) is an app to help younger children stay in contact with their friends. K.I.T. was created as younger children probably are not allowed the apps that adults and teens are allowed because of the age requirement. K.I.T is also a way to catch up on schoolwork with fun and educating games and just fun games to play in their free time.

Inside the app there are many sections. Chat and Call lets you 'keep in tact' with your friends and family. Games is where where you are able to play fun and educational games with friends or just fun games to play in your free time. School is where you are able to work on school work, communicate with teachers and play fun educational games. Settings you will be able to change your profile. You are also able to check your notifications and control your audio and camera for safety.

Our app is a one-stop-shop for texting, calling, schoolwork, games, and fun. Instead of having so many different apps K.I.T will be the app that is trustworthy, educational, fun and easy to use.

The benefits of K.I.T. are youth feel more willing to do school work because its more fun. Youth learn fun stuff outside of school as well as at school. Parents feel safe and happy to let their kids talk to their friends online to stay connected, which leads to happier families.

Wireframe for KIT

Support Required


Advice about our first set of test users and the features of our app would be great!

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