Kids against racism | Engaging kids in fostering an inclusive culture.

Project Team:

Angie Burke , Charlotte Munro , Leah Hayes , Amaka Omo , Maiah Oates and Jessica Hill


New Idea

Social Purpose

Peace & Justice Strong Institutions

What is the problem you found?

How might we overcome racism in our community?

Customer / Problem

As young people, we see a lot of racism happening in school and in the community and we wonder how this could change. We found that one reason why this happens is that our leaders don't see stopping racism as a problem or a priority. It would be great if kids can put more pressure on these leaders so that they see things from our perspective and prioritise change. 

What Is Your Solution?

Kids Against Racism is a parent-sponsored club that helps kids to draft letters and e-messages to parliament and members of parliament to accelerate changes that young people want to see. The support of parents is an added means of pressure on elected members of parliament of listen and take the young people seriously. 

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