Kk's Study Accessories | Helping students to learn more efficiently to reduce stress for those struggling to learn and focus while studying

Project Team:

Catherine Djakaria



Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we solve the multiple number of students across the world from damaging their mental health? Students are constantly being pressured by school work making them have a negative attitude. This makes it hard for students to study, therefore lowering grades and making them feel bad about themselves.

Customer / Problem

My customers would usually be a student who would either be just shopping for study accessories to decorate or actually seeking help to improve their mental wellbeing. Students who want to improve their mental state will usually be struggling at school and it may be damaging their attitude towards learning. My customers would also be parents who might buy this for their children.

What Is Your Solution?

In order to solve this problem I wanted to sell study accessories such as timers to structure out study times, calendars with encouraging quotes and planners to stay organised along with many other things. I also think that any student should get help so I want to give free advice about school through workshops or talks.

Support Required


I would need money to start my business up, to afford all the accessories and shipping.


I need advice on what it's like to actually have a business and to run it.

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