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Embracing differences to unite our community

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Marisa, Jhet, Drishti, Amelia

Problem Statement

How might we increase our peers' understanding of cultural differences so that they embrace everyone equally?

Customer / Problem

Subgroups, including those of different culture and race within a school are more likely than any others to be bullied.



“Student bullying is strongly linked to school climate,
including how openly difference and diversity are discussed.
Celebrating diversity in schools is the first step towards
acceptance. Teaching children about difference and diversity
builds a strong foundation of understanding”.

We aim to hold a "Cultural Carnival" at our school to showcase the beautiful diversity in our community. The carnival would have stalls, activities and performances with a focus on cultural diversity in order to raise awareness for the minority groups in our school community who might otherwise suffer from bullying.

birds eye view map prototype of the cultural carnival


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