Le Sourire | Facilitating students' contribution to real positive changes in their own schools.

Project Team:

June , Lauren , Madison


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we provide more of a link between the Student Representative Council (SRC) and the school itself? 

Customer / Problem

We aim to provide for students who may not fully enjoy going to school due to the condition of the environment. Specifically, high school-aged students who believe that there are improvements to be made around the school but do not have an outlet to express their ideas. 

What Is Your Solution?

The Le Sourire (leh-soo-reeh) app provides students with an outlet to confidently highlight issues in their school environment and propose solutions by efficiently reporting areas for attention through an easily accessed app. 

Similar to a social media app, students can upload photos with captions in order to discuss and propose solutions to facilities that may be affecting the school's presentation. 

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