Learning Horizons | Improving the school environment for minority groups through social awareness.

Project Team:

Rebecca Honey , Audrey Clynk , Caitlin McGlew , Ashley Djakaria


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we improve the conversation and discourse on social issues in Australian schools? We want to focus on racial discrimination amongst the student population. 

Customer / Problem

School executives and boards are looking for ways to improve the reputation of their schools. Because of the lack of social and inter-cultural awareness, schools are constantly dealing with issues of bullying and discrimination, usually of minority groups. The result is that the image of high schools across the region gets portrayed in such bad light. 

Market Validation Report

What Is Your Solution?

Learning Horizons is a high school educational event that showcases cultural diversity in schools for the appreciation of students and the community. The event exposes students to different cultures through physical and sensory experiences of aspects of cultural representations within the school. Activities include guest speakers, traditional music and specialised food. The program also celebrates significant yet commonly overlooked cultural holidays. We would rely on university volunteers which adds to the reliability of the event for young people.


Support Required


We would need connections to the boards and heads of schools in order to appeal to them and get our project up and running. As young high-school students, we do not have these connections yet and support in this area would be greatly appreciated. 


Kindly help us with funding in order to host such a large-scale event and raise awareness on the issue of discrimination. This will help us a lot in reaching schools that need us the most.

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St Hildas Anglican School for Girls