LEEF (Lightning Energy Eco Friendly) | Helping everyone make environmentally friendly energy choices

Project Team:

Ella van Horen , Sophie Wang , Joy Ye , Vienna Li , Nityasree Viswananthan


New Idea

Social Purpose

Affordable & Clean Energy

What is the problem you found?

How might we educate more people about where their energy comes from?

Customer / Problem

The problem we identified is that our customers are not sure where their energy comes from and they do not know if their energy providers are using renewable or non renewables energy sources (eg fossil fuels which damage our environment).

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is to create an app called LEEF (Lightning Energy Eco-Friendly) that provides information on the most popular energy providers to help you understand where your energy comes from.

In our app you are able to get personalised information about your energy usage and where your energy comes from. All you need to is enter your postcode or address and it will give you a summary of your energy usage.

This helps provide a clear and concise understanding of your energy consumption. The app will tell you your total energy consumption, whether your energy provider uses renewable sources and its sustainability ranking (which can also be found on the website). You can get daily videos informing you about energy usage and short articles to further your understanding. 



Support Required


We need funding to make the app as we cannot make it on our own as we do not have the necessary coding skills needed.

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