Limit Litter | Reducing rubbish and waste in the community

Project Team:

Caitlyn , Claire , Jessica , Keneisha , Kiana


New Idea

Social Purpose

Clean Water & Sanitation

What is the problem you found?

How might we encourage people to use bins in the community and reduce the amount of litter they generate?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are young people in the community that are uninformed about the pollution problem and the effect that littering has on the community, animals, and sea life. These young people will be incentivised to dispose of their rubbish properly through our fun game which makes cleaning up the community fun.

What Is Your Solution?

This social enterprise has created an app that makes responsible disposal of litter fun. When users film themselves placing rubbish into the correct bin they are provided with a series of points. Points can be expensed for prizes at local businesses in the Logan area. For each point generated a financial value is directed to organisations that support animal wellbeing. Younger users of the app may expense their points for unlockable characters in the app. 


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