Link Lamp | Connecting people through light to relieve loneliness

Project Team:

Piper Gillen , Hallie Reid , Molly Rigby



Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing


What is the problem you found?

How might we make people who are suffering form loneliness to feel more connected to others? 


Customer / Problem

Parents and teenagers wanting to bridge the distances between two people.

What Is Your Solution?

Smart connected lamps that are paired, when one person touches theirs it sends a signal to the other one resulting in light appearing. Showing that the other person is thinking of them and they are not alone. Using this technology does not require screen time allowing youth to connect without using a phone. 

Team shot at Makerspace

Meet the team behind Link Lamp?

We are three students attending Kiera High School who have developed the Link Lamp project with the help of Young Change Agents. 

Through our own experiences we have found that knowing that you are not alone is beneficial for our own mental health. We hope to help those who are in need.

We strongly believe that a connected and calming light source can help de-stress people. More than just a product.

Working on the prototype

The prototype


We have been luck enough to Pitch our idea at Telstra Vantage in front of 100s of people. We have made great connections and look forward to connecting with potential partners.



Support Required


University of Wollongong 

Mental Health Organisations 

Wollongong Council 


MakerSpace & Co

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Keira High School and Mental Health YINC