Lockhart Cafe | Providing healthy meals to people struggling financially.

Project Team:

Sophia , Matilda , Kelsey , Sienna , Katherine


New Idea

Social Purpose

Zero Hunger

What is the problem you found?

How might we help people who are not as fortunate and are struggling with money to have regular healthy meals?

Customer / Problem

Trixie is a 45-year-old single mum with 4 kids struggling with money and being able to pay for healthier meals. She is concerned about her and her children's future and their health. The family eats from big fast-food restaurants every night of the week and has unhealthy breakfasts and foods all the time.

What Is Your Solution?

Luckily for Trixie and her 4 gorgeous children, there is Lockhart Cafe which provides the family with cheaper options for food without it being extremely unhealthy. Lockhart Cafe relies on trust purchase from the community with prices for meals set by the customer. This means that customers with more money can pay a little more to the cafe in order to help customers who may not have as much money. This system helps families and individuals in the community who need help with getting healthy meals to get these meals at a price they can afford. The cafe relies on local produce from the community and recycles any profit made back into the running of the cafe.

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