The Marine Cleaners | Keeping our waterways clean

Project Team:

Soli , Deacon , Mya , Aidan


New Idea


Merrimac State High School

Social Purpose

Life Below Water

What is the problem you found?

How might we make recycling fun?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are people that are passionate about the environment and who are upset seeing the pollution in our waterways and damage to marine life. They are looking for a way that they may be able to help the environment and improve the wellbeing of the animals in our oceans and water networks. 

What Is Your Solution?

The Marine Cleaner is a machine that removes rubbish from the ocean and waterways. The waste collected is either disposed of or recycled to make new products such as wallets, bracelets and other items. All the money made from selling the recycled items will be directed into creating more Marine Cleaner machines. 


Machine Functions:

Rubbish flows into the marine cleaner as it moves through the water. It is fitted with a multi-directional fin and a wind turbine to turn directions when needed. It also has a door that closes to block items when they are not needed inside the auto-sorter and protection around the tube to prevent it from damage. 



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