The Mellow Group

To support anyone who needs someone to talk to and help people that are struggling with mental health issues to feel safe.

Student Project

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Current Status:

New Idea

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Project Team:

Amy, Chloe, Emmy, Mali, Emma


Project website

Problem Statement

How might we help people that feel isolated, lonely and are struggling with their mental health and need someone to talk to?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are anyone that feels they need someone to talk to whether it be for mental health reasons or social interactions. It is mainly targeted to people between the age of 20-30 who suffer from mental health issues but is suitable for all age groups. 


Our solution is an app and website which is very accessible for people in their 20-30's to open up and talk to professionals or just regular people about their feelings. From our research we were able to identify that 76% of people would use an app to communicate with someone about their mental health.

We believe this solution will help people feel safer, make the community more connected, and overall contribute to a happier community with better mental health.

Support Required


We are researching a government grant for money to help start our business and advertise it. Our goal is to have a social enterprise that is accessible and cheaper than other mental health support systems. We aim to have fundraisers and get donations from companies and volunteers to contribute to our funding and keep the business running. With this money, we will need to pay our professionals whilst making a sustainable profit. 


Website prototype


In order to run our business, we need feedback from people and professions to see whether people would use this app and whether it would be successful.


We need help in setting up and developing the app, website and advertising our business to the public. 

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Banksia Park September 2020



South Australia


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