Mental Health Awareness

We believe it is important for young people in the Upper Coomera region to feel safe, supported and connected to their community on the issue of mental health.

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Support Required:

Project Team:

Amelia, Paige, Shayna, Stephanie, Calvin

Problem Statement

How might we help youth to understand and connect with other youth with mental health issues?

Customer / Problem

Youth want to help others with mental health and learn more about issues they may be facing. They want to feel safe, secure and connected. Youth want to be informed about the ways they can manage their own mental health and support others who might be experiencing mental health issues.


Mental health statistics in Australia, indicating this is a serious issue for youth and it needs to be addressed.


We have created a mental health app that contains engaging games, advice and a creative, calming music section. This helps young people to alleviate their stress, provides information about mental health and normalises mental health support in the Upper Coomera community.


A series of screenshots showing the welcome page, the calming music page and the features of the app.

Support Required


We would like to connect with other mental health organisations who could mentor or support us to develop our idea further.


We are seeking feedback on our idea and business plan, particularly because there might be other competitors or collaborators in the marketplace we should plan for.

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