Big Dreams, Mini Me

Mini Me | To educate students to become entrepreneurs

Project Team:

Jess , Daniella , Kassidy , Seraphine


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we teach students alternative ways to make a living and improve knowledge about entrepreneurship?

Customer / Problem

There is a lack of opportunities for youth to become successful entrepreneurs.

Our customers are students from 12-18 living in the South West region who want to be successful  in the future while choosing a pathway that isn't ATAR, TAFE, traineeships etc.

What Is Your Solution?

To create a learning facility dedicated to educating students about entrepreneurship. This will help young people to become succesful entrepreneurs. It will provide a safe, interactive space for them to learn. 

It will also make young people aware of entrepreneurship as an alternative way to make a living. 

Support Required


We would like to secure government funding for:

  • Building
  • Teacher wages
  • Employee wages
  • Student transportation
  • Food/cafeteria

We would like advice from:

  • Successful entrepreneurs in the workforce
  • People who teach about entrepreneurship

We need development support including from builders, designers and architects.


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Academy for Enterprising Girls



Western Australia