The Modern Treehouse | Educating mainstream society about subcultures in the community.

Project Team:

Isabella , Shantel , Ruby


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we help to break the stereotypes associated with different subcultural groups in the community? 

Customer / Problem

Our customers are ordinary members of the community who don't know much about the world of modern subcultures and who are open to learning about this world. The problem is the lack of understanding that people have of these different groups can sometimes create unnecessary tension between different people. If people come to experience cultures that are different from them, they're in a better place to develop tolerance and harmony. Another issue is that people are sometimes afraid of being overwhelmed by cultural practices or manners that they may not be open to. It is important that each individual feel that their boundaries are respected while giving them the opportunity to experience other cultures from a safe distance.


What Is Your Solution?

The modern Treehouse is a themed cafe where different modern subcultures such as the E-community, pop-punk, gothic, hypebeast/sneakerheads etc. are represented openly to the community. One section of the cafe hosts patrons as a regular cafe would and showcases the featured subculture for the day for people to observe while the other section is more immersive. Patrons in the second section will interact with the culture of the day through games and activities designed to educate and break the mystery surrounding these cultures. Each customer is free to choose which section to be at and can change their minds at any time. 


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