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Combating restlessness and stress of students in the classroom

Student Project

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Lachlan Webster, Brooke Gechevski, Renee Rice


Problem Statement

How might we acknowledge and support the mental health of young people at school?

Customer / Problem

Students levels of stress and anxiety are rising due to the workload that schools impose. As young students ourselves, we experience first hand the struggles of life in the classroom everyday. We recognise the hardships that our classmates face, and have created a product to relieve the stresses and anxiety that are caused. We have close friends who experience stress in the classroom from sitting down for too long and we want to help others who experience these issues. We are the people to do this as we understand personally the struggles in the classroom that our product, MoveMat, will help face.


Our solution is to create a “MoveMat” that will sit under student’s school desks. The MoveMat will enable users to release their energy through movement without disturbing classes. Our MoveMat is a portable device that influences restless students to become more involved in classwork.

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Picton High School and Mental Health YINC



New South Wales


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