Nature's Necessities

Natural, animal and environmentally friendly beauty products.

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Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Ava, Lucy, Trishaa, Jasmine, Matilda

Problem Statement

How might we prevent products being tested on animals? 

Customer / Problem

Animal cruelty is simply the act of harming an animal. Too many animals are being mistreated and subjected to cruelty. Too many soaps and washes are tested on animals which can be life-threatening. People are becoming more socially and environmentally aware and want to buy products that are eco-friendly and not tested on animals but are unsure where to find such products at an affordable price.

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Our solution is a social enterprise that manufactures affordable and effective hair and body products that are made of 100% vegan, natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. Our products will make people feel good while raising awareness and making a stand against animal cruelty. Our packaging will comprise of refillable aluminium bottles with pump lids made from recycled plastics, allowing our products to be more affordable than existing alternative single-use natural products. We will also produce a wider range of scents in comparison to natural products currently available. We aim to inspire people to make a difference in their community.

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Seaton High School



South Australia


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