New Beginnings

We believe Australia's homeless can be supported to lead more stable lives through nutrition and healthy eating programs.

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Support Required:

Project Team:

Mia, Charlotte, Kesha, Alex

Problem Statement

How might we support homeless people with effective nutrition and include them in social networks in our community?

Customer / Problem

A slide about who the customer is. They are anyone who wants to expand their cooking knowledge and learn fresh, healthy recipes.


A slide explaining our goal - to help homeless citizens in the local area, teach community members how to cook, bring both groups together.


Impact slide - bringing the community together. Cooking class participants meet those benefitting, share food and learn their stories.

Support Required


We are seeking advice from food safety organisations about any compliance/ OHS issues we need to be aware of. We would also like to partner with organisations working in homelessness, so we can make sure our business complements their work and vice versa.


Feedback welcome, particularly about our business model and others we could be partnering with to make our idea a reality.

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Wellington Point State High School





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