The Next Icon

Helping to raise engaged students in school and community affairs.

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Gemma Whykes, Gia Alkhoury, Katelin Mansfield, Oakleigh Riley, Livi Sellens

Problem Statement

How might we promote students' involvement in decision-making at school and in the community?

Customer / Problem

We are focusing on schools and students. Running schools often require constant changes and decisions that affect students and their learning. However, students are not involved in these decisions because they lack the leadership and advocacy skills to let their opinions be heard. There are many brilliant students with really great ideas who haven't yet mastered the skills to influence society. 


'The next icon' is a student leadership and advocacy program that teaches kids how to approach people in leadership positions with new ideas. The program is carefully designed to help young people build confidence and resilience as well as gain effective negotiation skills to contribute to decisions in their schools and communities. 

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