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Project Team:

Sienna , Rayden , Ethan , Riley , Jack


New Idea

Social Purpose

Decent Work & Economic Growth

What is the problem you found?

How might we connect local, young people with prospective employers and work experience?

Customer / Problem

Many local teenagers want to work and earn some financial independence and experience that can benefit their futures. Local employers need skilled and interested people to help them and their businesses. However, teens can’t find part time jobs they are interested in or good at and businesses can’t find teens that can make the business better with there ideas and skills.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution is a user-friendly mobile application that connects intrinsically driven youth living in regional areas with local employers looking to hire. Opportunities range from odd jobs that assist on a one-off basis, which in turn provides valuable work and networking experience, to ongoing casual or part time roles. The app will have a star rating reviews function for employees and employers, while tracking and showcasing any previous or completed work.


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Mt Gambier High School (Telstra)