Open Arms | Providing a community for those who struggle with mental illness and those who want to learn how to better support others

Project Team:

Muriel Bungura , Louise Przibilla , Isabella Crisafi , Taysia Manning , Sahara Jones


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we make a community mental health facility that will support all families and individuals?

Customer / Problem

Our customer Gordan is experiencing a range of problems such as, depression, rage, low patience and bullying. 

He has stated that he does not have a healthy way to express his anger, he does not like when he is not in control and he expresses his depression through anger and violence. 

Gordan needs a place to go to where he feels welcome and accepted. He wants a space where he can bring his family members and friends to work on his mental health together. 


What Is Your Solution?

To help Gordan we will provide him with better strategies to control his anger, we will change his outlook on his environment to give him a safe space in his home. a space safe will also be provided to release his emotions and anger. 

At Open Arms, we have a space thoughtfully designed to smell nice, have calming lighting and music and rooms large enough to have group therapy and individual sessions. It is a hub in the community to come and work on mental health for everyone. 

Presenting our pitch

Support Required


To help us reach our goal of creating a safe, comfortable space, we are looking for people to help fund our project so we can lease a building, purchase the necessary equipment, and run our organisation to its fullest potential. 


To help develop our organisation, we would like support from people such as: Landscapers, Delivery Partners, Interior Designers, Carpenters, Gardeners and even willing volunteers. 

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