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Papa Bear | We want to ensure all children have a positive male role model in their lives so we can prevent violence against women.

Project Team:

Yuden Sae-Ueng



Social Purpose

Gender Equality

What is the problem you found?

How can we create strong male role models for young boys?

Customer / Problem

There is a lack of male role models applying for child centre jobs, teachers and after school carers. Males aren't given experience at school of being in a caring role. They don't see it as a job opportunity.

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What Is Your Solution?

Papa bear is a social enterprise intending to promote more men to take up jobs in the social care industry thus promoting gender equality and create more male role-models. Our solution is to offer volunteer programs to give high school students a first-hand experience in the industry and work with non-profit employment agencies to offer training and employment opportunities to young men (especially university students) to take up these jobs. We hope to impact the community by making the social care industry much more gender neutral and to offer its customers an opportunity to meet more male role models.

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Preventing Violence Against Women and YINC





25 Oct 2018

This is such a great idea, because it encourages male mentoring from an early age, and in an environment which is safe and supported. If boys understand that caring roles are gender neutral and socially encouraged, their attitudes towards women and other men, would shift. I'd love to see this develop more!