Preventing animal abuse in Canberra

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Erika , Puja , Disha, Olivia, Sophie

Problem Statement

How might we help to prevent the abuse of adopted pets? 

Customer / Problem

We're targeting the RSPCA, breeders and vets. These groups have a lot of experience dealing with pets and rescued animals but have a big challenge; monitoring the welfare of all the animals that have left their care. They can't employ the large number of people needed to effectively monitor and help pets that were previously in their care.


We are creating a new microchip for all pets. The chip monitors vital signs such as unusual levels of stress, bodyweight, fight-or-flight responses and other indicators of abuse. The chip sends this information to a central monitoring system with our customers. The tracking function in the chip means that animals being mistreated can be found and helped.

Dual purpose microchip


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